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Getting search right for everyman

What is SEO? Simply put, it’s telling the search engine what your article is about.

This is so that when someone enters a query for say “growing tomatoes on rubbish tips”, Google will look around and find the content that includes that query.

Thing is it doesn’t really work like that anymore. Google knows what the article is like through its Rankbrain algorithm.

Still it’s better to have keywords in there than not.
scratching head
Keywords and where to put them

Where? Put them in the title, the first par, the meta description and anywhere else you can get away with it without it looking unnatural.

Better still, work with Google and understand that it can work out all kinds of sentences.

So “growing tomatoes on rubbish tips” is the same as “tomatoes in refuse”. Theoretically.

This is because Google does not want everyone ruining their writing by chucking in keywords every 50 words.

Makes sense to me. Not for Google

In fact, most SEO nowadays is determined by the user and not some mindless computer.

For example, Google ranks according to the open rates on a search return.

For example lets say you’ve written a great long form article. Google likes it and puts it on the first page for a keyword it thinks is appropriate (hopefully one you targeted).

However, if the meta description is poor or worse still you didn’t provide one, then you might have problems.

Out of the 10 first page returns you are competing on the basis of the meta description. Like a headline people will only click on what intrigues them.

If people don’t click. Google will move you down the rankings. Sorry.
Other stuff

Social proof is very important. Yes, yawn, backlinks are very important. They are a link from another site, which is seen as an endorsement that your bundle of words is cool.

But shares and social is also becoming more and more important. Especially Facebook.

If you are say in B2B, you might think Facebook is not that important. And if you’re selling scaffolding brackets you’re probably right.

But in terms of SEO, it’s incredibly relevant. The questions: how relevant and should you spend a load of time throwing posts all over the place?

Answer: I don’t know and no, you should spend a small amount of money boosting posts.
Bish bash bosh

There are a lot of factors in ranking. But the top three are probably backlinks/ social, open rates, and content.

The last is something many forget. But here’s a quickie run-through in one easy to cut and paste par.

Write long, over 5,000 at least. The more words the better your chances. Add keywords, both direct and indirect. Put them in the meta descriptions, title and first 100 words. Put the indirect ones in the h2 subheads. Add in pictures and video. Put the keywords in the alt descriptions for the pics. Keep your paragraphs and sentences short. It is easier to read and will keep people on the page, which is something else Google will reward you for.

See how I broke all my rules in the above par?

Have fun and be good.

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