My name is Steve Twidell and I am a writer and purveyor of quality writing and content marketing.

To put it bluntly, this blog is a place for me to sound off and give (hopefully useful) advice on writing and editing.

The craft of writing is in a continual state of evolution. The creation of the internet has brought this another stage further.

To understand this, you only need to read something from the late-19th century. What you find is long sentences and hefty paragraphs.

For most people it is very difficult to absorb.

Pushing news through newspapers in the early 20th-century changed things on a huge scale. With advertisers to be kept happy the newspapers had to fight for people’s attention.

They became leaner and fitter.

Headlines became more optimised and the story was slimmed down. They knew that people wanted information but didn’t have much time to take it in.

Sound familiar?

The web has created the same situation. Only more so. It is that which this blog is concerned and interested in.

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